MTF  Kit for Recovery of Osteochondral Grafts

MTF  Osteochondral Graft Recovery



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medical archive

medical archive

Dentsply Sirona


Ergonomics 101:  When manipulating handheld instruments (as with a pencil), aim your fingers toward the target for optimal positional control and stability.

This forward-facing ergonomic grip and actuation lever enables accurate placement of dispensed multi-dose micro-volumes of anesthetic gel through a blunt needle, strategically placed into the gum pockets alongside treated teeth.  Selected instrument materials enable repeated autoclaving.  A bayonet engagement eases replacement of glass cartridges.  Bendable and rotatable tips easily reach all teeth.

(...and a blunt tip is much more pleasant than a needle jab into your gum.)   

Antares Pharma


This compact needle-free injector with replaceable disposable cartridges makes delivery of insulin and growth hormones more comfortable and certainly less threatening than conventional syringe injection. 

We prepared this dynamic system diagram to visually map and verify effectiveness of an otherwise highly complex failure mode and effect analysis.  The entire sequence of user interface (partially shown here) was correlated, step by step, to verify complex interrelated internal device actions and failsafe go/no go lockout engagements, relative to incremental linear and rotational subsystem strokes.

TissueLink Medical
(now by Medtronic)

Floating Ball Cautery Instruments

Intuitive control

Our design of an ergonomic grip with uniquely identifiable concave finger grips provide intuitive tactile indication of instrument tip orientation for ‘wing-in / wing-out’ positional control - customary for laparoscopic procedures.  This feature was subsequently adopted throughout an expanded line of devices using saline-enhanced radiofrequency for hemostatic sealing of soft tissue. 


Slate Pharmaceutical
(now by Endo Pharmaceuticals)

Testosterone Delivery Instrument

A guy thing

This trocar device was designed to facilitate simple in-office treatment.  A prescribed number of time release testosterone pellets are placed into the instrument handle.  The pellets are then implanted into subcutaneous tissue by advancing a stylet while simultaneously withdrawing the trocar.    

In-house custom modified manikin torsos (with clear coated Porsche slate gray metallic finish) were also fabricated for compelling conference presentations and effective training aids.


Wound closure made easy

This user-friendly applicator provides ergonomic grip, stability and controlled dispensing of Optmed's unique biocompatible topical skin adhesive.  

Opposing levers minimize the manual force needed to crack a vial and initiate activation of the contained two part adhesive mixture.  The forward facing open grip posture, together with a transparent flexible wiper tip, enable clear visualization, uniform flow, and precise controlled application to optimize closure of an approximated wound.

optmed 001_MB2

Richard-Allan Medical
(now by ConMed)

Reflex One
Surgical Skin Stapler

Richard-Allan Medical, having learned of our prior experience designing the Proximate Skin Stapler, came to us seeking help to debug first article parts on a Proximate knock-off.  We offered to avoid established IP conflicts by designing a unique auto-retracting anvil mechanism that automatically releases formed staples.  We did.  When subsequently sued, Richard-Allan won.  

Reflex One was the first of what became an extensive line of successful surgical stapling instruments.

RA skin stapler 0071A2-crop2_MB

Richard-Allan Medical
(now by ConMed)

Reflex ACA
Automatic Clip Applier

Rick Newhauser, President of RA, initiated our development of his second surgical instrument with extensive research.  Having established professional relationships with AORN head nurses and a desire to personally learn the nuances of abdominal surgery through the eyes of both surgeons and designers, he coordinated visits with Paul Mulhauser to observe several procedures a day, twice a week over three months.  This was an amazing education and much appreciated opportunity. 

Both development programs were fully turn-key from concept through design, engineering, extensive animal lab verification studies, coordination of outsourced manufacture and assembly equipment, production line set-up, validation and training.

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