Taking on cancer, one cell at a time

IsoPlexis  IsoLight
Single-Cell Protein Analysis

Isolight identifies and analyzes up to 42 different cytokine proteins secreted from each of thousands of single cells, for up to 8 patients at a time.  Why is this awesome?  Doctors can now better predict which patients will benefit most from certain cancer therapies; or which patients may have a toxic reaction; or gain insights how to re-engineer a patient's immune cells; or any of many other new discoveries now underway.          


FactorsNY collaborated with the IsoPlexis team from the inside-out and the outside back in… designing molded enclosures, graphic user interface, light show, system configuration, dynamic cooling scheme, structural framing, design for assembly, expediting outside vendor services… evolved, refined, iterated, documented and built… a collaborative effort - all within an exciting 6 months.    

Upon loading cartidges and hitting start… the 24' display and light show keep you informed as data compiles from thousands of individual cells.   


When we first met IsoPlexis, Isolight was a 12 foot cube!… 3 months later it was a 28 inch fully 'lit' show model - stealing attention at the annual SITC conference…  the next month, a first prototype was delivered to an offsite lab…  2 months later, pilot production units (shown below) began shipping and IsoPlexis won its first top innovation awards!

FactorsNY additionally supported IsoPlexis marketing through graphic design of packaging, collateral materials and website artworks.

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29 Broadway, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10006 | 212.943.1600 | info@factorsny.com

29 Broadway, 16th Floor, New York, NY 10006 | 212.943.1600 | info@factorsny.com

29 Broadway, 16th Floor | New York, NY 10006
212.943.1600 | info@factorsny.com

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